How exciting would it be to:

• Canoe and camp along the Black River learning about the rich history of our community?

• Learn about forestry, wildlife management and fishery science?

• Prepare for 21st century careers that are focused on utilizing renewable “green” technology?

• Rock climb and hike in some of the most beautiful natural areas in Wisconsin?

• Learn how to live a lifestyle with a reduced impact on the planet and its resources?

• Design and make solar panels, wind turbines, and hydro projects to generate electricity?

Who can attend? BRAGS is designed for students in 10th - 12th grade, who have passed English,

Physical Science, and Biology with a “C” or better. Enrollment is open to anyone in the area. Students

do not need to live in the School District of Black River Falls.

How will we learn? Students will be involved in an innovative environmentally focused system called

Project Based Learning (PBL). Students will choose projects in their major, and work on them

independently under the supervision of the BRAGS teacher.

What will we learn? Students will choose a “major” (which they can change as often as they wish), and

work on PBL within those majors. The four majors are:

What will the average day look like? Student’s first part of the day is at the high school, and they spend

the rest of the day at the BRAGS site. They work on an on-line, self-paced math course, read works of the

great Wisconsin authors, and then spend the afternoons working on their individually designed projects

(PBL). One day per week will be an Exploration Day, where students usually are out in the field biking,

hiking, canoeing, or meeting with natural resource professionals.